We Do It All


When we install your new sprinkler system we take every step necessary to zone your sprinkler system according to soil conditions, sun light, shade and gallons per minute. We ensure that on well pump systems there is constant pressure with no cycling of your pump. Our mission is to have consistent coverage over your entire lawn. Wells Irrigation stays up to date with the newest products and technology to ensure our customers have the most efficient water saving system as possible.

Spring start up:

We start up your sprinkler system and conduct a thorough walk through analysis of your system, making sure everything is running properly. We do so by turning on every zone one by one to ensure that every zone and sprinkler head is working properly without any issues. If any issues arise, we will take necessary corrective action to ensure the system is working perfectly.


We winterize your sprinkler system in the fall to guarantee no freezing or damage to your irrigation system over the winter.


Our trained technicians provide fast and efficient service and can trouble shoot and repair any problems that may arise. We at Wells Irrigation have the knowledge and experience to service small residential systems to large commercial systems all summer long.